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Brent Schools Chess League

encourages and promotes chess for

primary and secondary school pupils

 in Brent and surrounding boroughs

For more information contact Surjit Dhemrait:

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Rules - Lets keep it simple!


  Rules of the Brent Schools Chess League

1. The league organiser shall prepare the draw for each round.

2. In each match 1 point shall be awarded to the winning school. If the match is drawn each school scores ½ points and no points to the losing school.

3. The school winning a division shall be the school gaining the most points. In case of a tie the match (es) between the schools concerned shall be the tie-breaker. If this does not break the tie the schools shall share the title.

4. A team consists of 4 players. Schools can enter one or more teams. Two or more schools are allowed to enter a combined team.

5. Digital chess clocks: all moves in 20 minutes. Games will not be ECF graded.

6. The team shall play in order of playing strength, i.e. the strongest player on Board 1 etc.

7. Where there are two or more rounds at the same meeting, it is permitted to substitute reserves in each round.

8. If the players agree checkmate they must stop the clock and ask their managers to verify the position. If the position is not checkmate, the game resumes with the instruction to the players to play on (no other advice must be given).

9. In the case of any dispute between the players, the two managers should arbitrate. If the managers do not agree they should call for the League Organiser. If the matter cannot be resolved promptly the League Organiser should record the position and refer it for independent adjudication after the fixture.

10. Where clocks are used the games shall be played according to ECF Quick play Rules with the exception of rules 8 and 9 above.

11. In all other respects the laws of chess shall apply. In particular ‘touch move, touch take’. Please remember that castling is a move of the king so if a player wishes to castle they must touch the king first.

12. In all matters the decision of the League Organiser shall be final